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Please read the full commision guidlines before submitting. I do not accept every comission, but if I reject your proposal I will do my best to tell you why.


I mostly work in fairly small format, 9x12 or smaller, but if you need something bigger that's a conversation we can have. Because my work is very detailed, larger pieces will take more time and cost more money.


I predominantly work in pen and marker on paper. While I occasionally paint, I don't like doing commissions paintings, I have no idea why.


I am best at pieces that focus on organic things (plants, animals, bodies, and so forth) and natural phenomena like fire. If you want a very technical drawing of machinery or something similar, there are lots of artists who are great at that and would probably be a much better fit!

I generally do not do especially well with requests that are both complex and concrete. If you ask me for a portrait of you, your friend, your youth pastor, Danny DeVito, or someone else doing some very specific action like setting fire to a Divvy Bike station, hang-gliding while eating a hot dog, or leading a mob of angry possums in trench coats on downtown Chicago, it's highly unlikely I will accept the comission. Based on previous experience, ideas like that are super fun to think about but without the leeway to go in the unforeseen directions that might pull me, I get bored very quickly, the piece starts to feel like a chore, and my work suffers because of it. I do best with more abstract concepts that allow me the space to bring my own vision to the piece, ending up with a more exciting result. If you ask me for a portrait of you, your best friend, your youth pastor, Danny DeVito, or someone else commiting an act of anti-gentrification mayhem, doing an adventurous liesure activity, or engaged in some surreal direct action, that's probably something I can work with.

That being said, if your idea is fairly simple, the more concrete it is the better. Do you want a fairly straightforward portrait of yourself, your pet, your best friend, your youth pastor, Danny DeVito, or someone else? Throw me some reference photos, let me know the kind of vibe you're going for, and I got you fam.


Unfortunately we live under capitalism and a bitch has to pay rent, which means that while I truly and deeply believe that art should be accessible, I also can't give shit away for free. Custom work starts at $200, but if you don't have that kind of money and I'm really excited about your idea, we might be able to work something out. The worst I can say is no, so it's always worth asking.


If there's anything I've missed here, or if you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact me here!


Thanks for your consideration!

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