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The biggest cliché when it comes to artists' statements is "my work speaks for itself," but honestly, while my art is many things, subtle is not one of them, and so in this case the things I draw really do say everything that needs to be said all on their own.



The Witches' Insurrection Tarot is my largest project so far and my first commercial success.

It's a fully illustrated tarot deck created from an explicitly anarchist, pro sex worker, femme-centric perspective. While there are many elements from the classic Smith-Waite deck, the Witches' Insurrection Tarot is a singular narrative based on my own experience and beliefs. This deck intentionally flouts the gendered, binary aspects which limit so many more traditional decks, and is explicitly anti-hierarchical.

This is where you can see other things I've drawn. Some of them are commissions I was especially excited about, some of them are pieces of upcoming projects I'm working on, and some of them are just things I thought would be cool.

Worse Things in Life pt 3 section iii ma
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